• Image of Christmas Truck Petite Sessions Retainer


The remaining $50 is due on the day of the shoot in cash.

If you can not make your session please give enough notice to try and fill your spot. Retainers will not be carried over to a future dates but with enough time we maybe able to fill your spot. In the event the photographer has to reschedule due to weather, then and only then will the retainer be carried over.

Failure to give more than 48hrs notice will require you to pay in full for sessions in the future.

Please respect the property. Don’t let children run wild and play with items on the property. You may observe animals but even the friendly kitties need to be respected as they aren’t always fond of children contrary to their behaviour when they greet you.

Please help children stay upbeat. Let them be them as long as they are respecting the set. Be prepared to snuggle and tickle for family sessions. Please do not get frustrated with children. Let them pout, laugh, dance or whatever it is they want to do. I believe in capturing personalities and moments above all else.

Remember that I am only a photographer and not a babysitter. Set items beyond the pillows are NOT to be touched or played with. It is simply a back drop.

For styling tips keep in mind the set colours are teal, red and white. I can remove trow blankets to allow less patterns in the mix for those that require. Please visit my Pinterest board “Style Guides” for ideas on how to piece outfits.


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