• Image of Valentines Mini Retainer

*** Please note all info needed for your safe keeping when bookings***

INVESTMENT: $160 includes GST
RETAINER: $100 non refundable non transferable retainer however you can sell your seat if you know you can't make it
WHEN: Saturday, January 20th
* Remainder due the day before: $60 via e-transfer to janell.connors@gmail.com
* Included: 4 images (one bonus one from me for a gift so FIVE images :) ) With options to buy more

LOCATION: Dance Studio of the The Centre for Creative Arts. (third floor end room)

* Immediate children only. You can not share time slots with other families.
CHILDREN only for these! Sitting babies are welcome if you think they wont shove all the batting from the clouds in their mouth for alone shots lol

Ages- Sitting ages -12.

* 15 min sessions. 5 min leeway for me to have a breather lol Please be on time as your session will not go over into someone eases time slot.

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